List of films qualified to the TELEPHONE ART '16 competition

September 26th marks the end of submissions to this year's TELEPHONE ART competition - we have received a record-breaking amount of 1130 works from over 80 countries around the world! This is another milestone in the history of Szczecin European Film Festival, and we thank all of you for the help in achieving it.
Below you will find a list of productions qualified to the competition. Congratulations to the authors of the selected works!
"(?)'s Gaze" - Chloe Yap Mun Ee 
"1984" - Aleksandr Abraztcov
"24" - Rahmah Pauzi
"6 456" - Sara Ristic
"Fair Play" - Branko Istvancic
"Faux Solo" - Nancy Lee
"It's Nice to Remember: The Story of the Ax" - Brandon Scullion
"Keansburg Ocean Action: A Community Reborn" - Kierin Rogers
"L.O.A.B" - Peter James
"Life Journey" - Sajedur Rahman
"Light Diaries - Spin Around" - Chris Aupiais
"Motorcyclist" - Hamed Oliyaee
"Mount Pelion - Sculpting in Time" - John Stratoudakis
"The Ocean Wept and Left the Gull" - Sebastian Eklund
"On the Other Side" - Igor Trofimov
"Oops!" - Shih-Han Huang
"Piano Sonata in Toronto" - Paolo Benetazzo
"Sometimes When We Touch..." - Wong Suk Yin 
"La Sortie de l'Usine Lumière à Lyon – 120 ans plus tard" - Wanda Dittrich, Mariusz Wirski
"St. Valentine’s Day" - Katarzyna Guzowska
"Take It" - Yasser Kassab
"Trace" - Ehsan Masoom
"UFO!!!" - Etienne Kompis
"Zzyzx" - Alexander Tuschinski


added:: 2016-09-27
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