West Pomerania Cinema

From the very beginning, Szczecin European Film Festival has been supporting and promoting local filmmakers, professionals and amateurs alike. Things will not be different this year. The West Pomerania Cinema section will feature four program highlights fully dedicated to our region’s cinema people: The Faces of West Pomeranian Cinema, dedicated to the work of TVP3 Szczecin editor and journalist Jacek Kamiński; West Pomerania Shorts, the 6th edition of the review of short films from West Pomerania; ZFF Pomerania Film at SEFF, the annual presentation of films produced with the support of the fund; Nanook in google – a presentation of the latest documentary film book by Mirosław Salski, journalist and university teacher. West Pomerania Cinema is co-organised with long-standing partners of the festival, namely TVP3 Szczecin and ZFF Pomerania Film (the West Pomerania Film Fund).

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