Szczecin European Film Festival (SEFF), more than a film festival for documentaries.

Szczecin European Film Festival is a film event, a forum for meetings and cooperation in the field of  film, directly on the Polish-German borderland. 
The festival is organised by the Polish OFFicyna Association. The festival program is carried out in partnership with a Polish-German network of organisers, and presented in Szczecin/Poland, and in several towns of the Polish-German region.
The profile of the Szczecin European Film Festival refers to the latest trends in the development of artistic audio-visual editing. The festival focuses on the formal crossing of boundaries, relating to the perception of reality – especially such crossing that enables new perspectives. This spectrum is enhanced by a vast accompanying program, ranging from the classics of documentary cinema to contemporary experiments with picture and sound.
Discussions with the filmmakers are, right next to the screenings, an essential part of our festival. 
A Polish-German program committee will select the films to be shown at the festival.  
Awards will be given by an international jury created by the organizers.
"We wish our guests and audience a creative film celebration in Szczecin!"
Bartosz Wójcik – Polish director of the festival
Claudia Dietrich – German director of the festival

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