A Different Dimension of Europe

Every year Szczecin European Film Festival presents a choice of European cinema. The goal is to see European countries from a different point of view. The audience gets a chance to get familiar with cinema which, although known less in Poland, is definitely interesting and noteworthy. This year as part of the section A Different Dimension of Europe we will present the New Baltic Cinema program. Thanks to the cooperation of three centres, at SEFF '16 we will see film productions from the Baltic region – Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. The presentations will be complemented by meetings with the curators: Sven Eggers (DE), Dorota Roszkowska (PL), and Arne Papenhagen (DE).

This program highlight was also present in 2014, when it was carried out in cooperation with five film centres, four of them from the Visegrad region: Hungary (Aulea Fundation), the Czech Republic (Institute of Documentary Film IDF), and Slovakia (Association of Slovak Film Clubs – ASFK, Kinečko), as well as one from Germany (Festival im StadtHafen Rostock). It resulted in five film screenings and meetings with curators in Szczecin. Close collaboration with most of the partners continues to this day.


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