Deliberations in progress: the Polish-German selection team

Last Monday, July 18th, the first meeting of the SEFF'16 Polish-German selection team took place. The team is Jörg FothBartosz Wójcik, and Damian Romaniak - you can read more about them here: SEFF'16 selection team.

Until July 31st, every day, morning till evening, they will be discussing the submitted films. This is quite a task, considering that this year we've received a record-breaking number of submissions (2570!). Their work will result in the final list of titles qualified to the European Competition and the Polish Competition.

Follow us on Facebook, where each day we will be posting interesting quotes from films that are being discussed by our selection team!


The team is provided with facilities, technical support, and blissful tranquility by Centrum Przemysłów Kreatywnych; while hot, daily meals are provided by Spiżarnia Szczecińska.


Below you can see a few pictures from the first days of the meetings (by Szymon Pawlik and Alicja Lorenc).


added:: 2016-07-20
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