SEFF '16 on Tour - post-festival screening in Świnoujście 28.10



Join us at the first stop of the tour that presents the most interesting productions of this year's Szczecin European Film Festival. This Friday (October 28th 2016) at Jazz Club Central'a SCENA (ul. Armii Krajowej 3), 9:00 PM, the freshest of European documentary cinema for you. The program:


1. "The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque" Boris Kozlov, ES 2016

Official SEFF '16 selection.

A rare combination of documentary, animation, and experimental film, which may intrigue not only the lovers of astrophysics.


2. "Goran the Camel Man” – Marcin Lesisz, PL 2016

The Award of the President of Szczecin.

For an extraordinarily sensitive tale about a modern nomad. For a moving relationship between man and nature. For harmony between photography and editing, and for an unexpected adventure presented to the receiver.


3. "Koniec spania" - Ryszard Ferenc, PL 2016

Winner of the West Pomerania Shorts '16 final.


4. "Condrong" - Gonçalo Almeida, UK 2016

The Award for the most intriguing film in the European Competition, funded by Avid Poland.

For the perfect use of black-and-white photography that bears witness to a deep and unapparent religious experience.


5. "Oops!” - Shih-Han Huang, TW 2016

Winner of the international TELEFON ART '16 competition.


6. "Obiekt" - Paulina Skibińska, PL 2015

The Audience Award.

The director creates a unique depiction of a search that is taking place in-between two worlds – an ice desert and an underwater world. The rare juxtaposition of images establish the pace and extraordinary atmosphere of the film.

7. "Six Degrees" - Trond Kvig Andreassen, NO 2015

Official SEFF '16 selection.

“Six degrees of separation” is the theory according to which we are all connected by 6 steps of acquaintance or less.


8. "Rèsce la Lune" - Gloria Kurnik, Giulia Di Battista PL/IT 2016

The Award of the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for the most moving film.
For a discreet and extraordinary portrayal of the drama of an unhappy love that breaks the taboo of silence in the world of mature women.


Admission free.

Join us!



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The project is co-financed by the City of Szczecin, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish-German Foundation for Co-operation, the Polish Film Institute (PISF), the Marshal’s Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.







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