Dimitris Argyriou

About the artist

Dimitris Argyriou was born in Kavala (Greece) in1986. He has written, directed, and produced 7 short films, which have won 20 awards and screened in more than 250 international film festivals and exhibitions. Also, he has written, directed, and produced 21 short documentaries. As editor, he has worked on a feature documentary, more than 150 short documentaries, videos, and films. Dimitris studied at the department of audio and visual arts at Ionian University in Greece and at Universität der Künste Berlin in Germany. He has participated in Berlinale and Sarajevo Talents as a director. His short movies have been selected in more than 170 International Festivals and have received many awards.

Monica (2016)
The Collector (2014)
First Contact (2014)
The Dinner (2013)
ONE LINE (2012)
Rec. (2011)
The Pond (2010)


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