Gvidas Kovera

About the artist

Gvidas Kovera is cameraman and photographer working for various professional TV stations in Lithuania. He also makes photos for art exhibitions, newspapers, and magazines. He has been working as a TV cameraman for 16 years now. He took up photography twelve years ago, and since then has had five personal exhibitions in Kaunas, Vilnius, and Bergen (Norway). He has been a mountain expeditions organiser and group leader since 1989. A documentary film author.

Sheep in the Sky (2015)
The Wife of Partisan (2011)
Vienozinskis (2011)
The Garden of Art (2007)
The Wild Sheep, the Fox and Love (2006)
Now Art Now Future (2005)
Bell Ringer (2002)
From the East (1999)
A Bit of Mountains (1997)
Kodaras (1996)


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