The European Competition 2016

This year’s European Competition, which will exhibit a very high standard, is going to feature 34 films from 20 countries. The production of the presented titles was concluded in the years 2015 and 2016. The subject matter is diverse, yet dominated by complicated political issues that often stir up public opinion and are associated with modern-day problems (war, Syrian refugees, the most dangerous city on Earth – Aleppo). Viewers will have the opportunity to watch motion pictures that tell stories about difficult human relationships, and about people living outside of civilisation, in places that have not been reached by glosbalisation. Among the selected works there are also autothematic ones, meaning films that are about films.
Each and every production deserves attention. These films are exceptional, bold in their content and often crossing the boundaries of classic documentary cinema. As always, the screenings will be followed by discussions with the competition films’ authors, which is a staple of the festival. Close contact between the audience and the director is always a one-of-a-kind experience, something very creative and intellectually inspiring. The competition features four productions from France, three from Germany and Spain, two from Sweden, the UK and Belgium, and single titles from Turkey, Italy, Norway, Denmark, and Ukraine. We will also see one Polish film. The competition includes many co-productions as well, of which there are a dozen.

This year, the Polish-German Selection Team, consisting of Bartosz Wójcik, Jörg Foth, and Damian Romaniak, has selected 34 films for the European Competition. The list of qualified films is as follows:

"À tous les fils de notre mère" – Antonin Blanc, BE, 2016
"The Burden of Proof" – Stefan Kessissoglou, DE/CZ, 2015
"Bussresan" – Sarah Gampel, SE, 2016
"Capsule" – Simon Welch, FR, 2016
"Casa Blanca" – Aleksandra Maciuszek, PL/MX/CU, 2015
"Come Sopravvivere alla Banda" – Vittorio Antonacci, IT, 2016
"Condrong" – Gonçalo Almeida, UK, 2016
"The Deal" – Ewa Smyk, UK/PL, 2015
"Diagonale du Vide" – Guillaume Ballandras, FR, 2015
"Djinns, les Esprits de Patras" – Jean-Jacques Cunnac, FR, 2015
"Gestern gings noch, Herr Schürmann" – Jan Krämer, DE, 2016
"La Historia de Samuel" – Oliver Hardcastle, UK, 2016
"How Long, Not Long" – Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot, DK, 2016
"If I Were a Filmmaker" – Mark John Ostrowski, ES, 2016
"Le Journal de Théodore Kracklite" – Jacques Lœuille, FR/IT, 2016
"Make Music, Not War" – Denys Kushnarov, Oles Seredytskyi, UA, 2015
"Matkalla Aleppoon" – Vesa Rajala, Juuso Lavonen, FI/SY, 2016
"1975. Mensaje navideño de su majestad el Rey de España" – Antonio Antón, ES, 2015
"Monica" – Dimitris Argyriou, DE, 2016
"Nu am, moarte, cu tine nimic..." – Olga Lucovnicova, RO/MD, 2016
"Obiekt" – Paulina Skibińska, PL, 2015
"Papiers d'Arménie" – Ornella Macchia, BE, 2015
"The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque" – Boris Kozlov, ES, 2016
"Rèsce la Lune" – Gloria Kurnik, Giulia Di Battista, PL/IT, 2016
"Rotten" – Mehmet Selçuk Bilge, TR, 2015
"Shujayya" – Mohammed Almughanni, PL/PS, 2015
"Six Degrees" – Trond Kvig Andreassen, NO, 2015
"Sıra Dışı İnsanlar" – Orhan Tekeoğlu, TR/RU, 2015
"A Story of Anticipation" – Freja Andersson, SE, 2016
"Time Capsule" – Jan Ijäs, FI/ES, 2016
"Vsi smo tu že od nekdaj" – Peter Cerovšek, Neža Grum, Matevž Jerman, SI/HR, 2016
"War Scarred Berlin" – Roland Fuhrmann, DE, 2015
"Wreck" – Jan Ijäs, FI/IT, 2016
"West Empire" – Mathieu Le Lay, FR, 2015
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