Chillout Horror

Chillout Horror is an entirely new section at Szczecin European Film Festival. Taking into consideration the growing interest of Poles in the so-called “genre film” in the past several years, we have decided to meet the viewers' expectations. Screenings of horrors, “weird films,” or B movies have become a well-founded element on the film map of our country. Young directors from all around the world try their hand at making horrors, thrillers, and science fiction films. We focus mainly on horror – the genre which has numerous fans and adversaries. The films presented in this section are of different length, topics (from horror films that are milder, focusing on the mood, to pictures that are more extreme and including elements of gore film), and country of production, but they all have one thing in common – they all evoke dread. All of the films were produced in 2015-2016. The Chillout Horror zone will be dominated by fiction films, with one exception of a feature documentary, “Fury of the Demon,” which, we hope, any horror-lover will enjoy. Minimum age for admission is 18 years.


Admission free


Curator: Damian Romaniak

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