Crossing the Boundaries – Tomasz Raczek & Bartosz Wójcik '16

In recent years the potential paths of cinematic development have been interconnected with the new possibilities of recording picture and sound simultaneously, brought to us by technological progress. Together with the transformation in the field of technology – audio-video recording and playback devices change as well. The camera and the projector have been replaced with many complicated pieces of equipment, all of which are bigger or smaller computers. Those changes can influence film itself. Many paths of modern development will, without a doubt, become a standstill; other ones can bring solutions yet unknown to us.

We've been observing this revolution and discussing it at Szczecin European Film Festival for several years now. It appears to diverge even from the two classic paths of sensual reception described above. We have therefore decided that this year we will take a look at the possibilities of creating the so-called virtual reality – recording and presenting audiovisual materials that engage not only sight, but also hearing. There are many ways in which one can create and display virtual reality. Apart from flat screens, which offer video in 360°, there are also ways to present 3D pictures – including panoramic ones – and devices that engage additional senses. At SEFF '16 we will present a few of the currently available technical possibilities of creating virtual reality. And, as usual, we will discuss them.


Tomasz Raczek


Bartosz Wójcik


AVID Technology – provider of solutions for professional film, television, and music markets. The company's products have been used in such productions as: “Mad Max,” “The Revenant,” “Spectre,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Television stations all around the world use AVID's software to enrich their productions with graphics, as well as augmented and virtual reality. The festival will feature a lecture on virtual reality and its use in film production. Moreover, AVID will present a live virtual television studio, and visitors will get a chance to use it, taking on the role of a presenter.



Bosch VR is a virtual reality trip through the 15th-century painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” The Bosch VR experience was created to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest artists and visionaries that has ever lived – Hieronymus Bosch. This extraordinary painting is a thoroughly engrossing vision and in Bosch VR it has distinctive sound and music (including the cathedral bells of  the artist’s home town in Den Bosch) which create an intimate and immersive experience. Bosch VR was conceived and animated by a team of award winning creatives at BDH, based in Bristol (UK) – a city that is home to Aardman Animations and the Encounters Short Film Festival.



Virtual Gamer – the first virtual reality salon in Szczecin. Its offer includes a broad repertoire of VR games and films, as well as 360° experiences. The festival will feature a presentation of politics- and lifestyle-themed documentaries, and 360° walks from the borderland of art and cinema.


Holographic workshops allow the participants to create their own pyramid for a 4-sided  hologram. Each participant will be equipped with special films for the hologram which can be displayed using one's own phone or tablet.

Livestreaming courtesy of Radio Szczecin.


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