A Brave Bunch. The Uprising Through Children's Eyes

Running time: 29' 23''

Production: PL 2015

A documentary film about the Warsaw Uprising through children's eyes, based on facts and full of magical realism. Autumn 1944. The Warsaw uprising falls. Germans expel Poles from the capital. The only thing that fifteen-year-old Michał Pluta takes with him is a diary with entries from his friends from the neighbourhood. It is this diary that inspired the film script. Today's kids find it and follow its lead to meet their peers who have lived through the Warsaw Uprising. Their imagination, moved by the stories of the insurgents, transfers them into the midst of the dramatic events. Each story focuses on a different aspect: Halinka had saved dogs and cats, “Hipek” had been part of the “szczury kanałowe” Scout troop, Jureczek had been nine, the youngest sworn solider of the Home Army (AK). 


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