UHA UHA Chillout Zone


UHA UHA is something we have never heard before. Electronica, vibraphone, cello, and vocals. Because of the lineup, the formula is a bit concert-like. Anka creates the beat, Maria plays the vibraphone (which is practically unprecedented in such music), and Julia plays the cello and sings – mainly in English, and sometimes in her own invented language. What else is there to say... #technoisawoman!



Ane makes beats. She is happy when she has her suitcase full of vinyls within reach. She gets parties started by telling her deep- and tech-house stories. Ever since she came back to her home town, Świecie, the pulse of this town with twenty-something-thousand inhabitants sped up to 126 beats per minute. As an organiser and animator of culture she takes care of the musical needs of the town dwellers. She has a dog, Borys, who loves watermelon.

The Kępisty ladies are sisters. Educated musicians. They started with classical music, then tried their hand in jazz. Then came author song, which they started creating with their band Kępiste. And then, Summer Contrast – a techno festival where they met Ane. Since then nothing has been the same. Their teeny-tiny family is just about five feet tall. In a hat.





Curator: Tomasz Jóźwiak

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